Hotpack | 6 mm PAPER STRAW DARK BLUE | 5000 Pieces


: Paper

: Keyboard & Mice, USB Flash Drive

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We make our environmentally responsible choices by serving beverages with very own Hotpack's assorted strip unwrapped paper straw ! Made of a special paper, this straw is a great alternative to plastic straws that remain in the environment for hundreds of years. Whether used at a restaurant, cafe, or concession stand, your patrons will be sure to appreciate your environmental consciousness and effort to reduce our carbon footprint. This straw is also versatile and can be used for both hot beverages as well as cold. Each straw also features an attractive spiraled design that is perfect for everything from a speciality beverage 

Features and Usage 

  1. Unwrapped for convenient, easy access
  2. Can be used for both hot and cold beverages
  3. Environmentally conscious option for restaurants, cafes, and concessions
  4. Colors include: Classic Red, Aqua Blue, Dark Blue, Candy Purple, Black Beauty, Plain White
  5. Disposable for easy cleanup
  6. Perfect for food trucks, fairs, or diners
  7. Designed for quality, single-service use

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