Cassida C200- Year of Zayed Limited Edition Coin Sorting Machine


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Cassida C200- Year of Zayed Limited Edition Coin Sorting Machine

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Year Of Zayed Limited Edition Version!

To commemorate this historic national occasion we at Cassida will be dedicating our final edition of Cassida C200 as ( Year Of Zayed-Limited Edition), it will different from our previous versions of C200 with the design. This design is sold in USA it is ranked amongst the Top Coin counting machines 2018.

Coin Denominations: All UAE Coin denominations as it is a limited edition version. 5 fils, 10 fils, 25 fils, 50 fils (old), 1 dirham (old), 50 fils (new), 1 Dirham (new).

The Cassida C200 is the perfect solution for all your coin counting and sorting needs! It counts, sorts, batches. Simply pour your mixed change into the extra-large coin hopper (which holds up to 2,000 coins) and the C200 will count and sort them at up to 300 coins per minute. The grand total in both count and value for all coins counted is clearly displayed on the large LED screen. Summaries for each denomination can also easily be viewed on screen.


  • 4 operation modes : COUNT, SORT, ADD, BATCH

  • Separates and counts mixed denominations in one easy step no adjustment needed

  • Sorts each denomination into separate bins

  • Individual batch setting for each denomination

  • Reports AED value for each denomination and grand total


  • Easy, intuitive operation for cash handlers, regardless of experience level 

  • Coin bins fit securely for continuous counting

  • Option to adjust to different currencies (optional)

  • Connection to a printer (optional)

  • Coin wrapping (optional)


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