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Apple HomePod Speaker learns your music preference. Apple HomePod provides a wide and expansive sound.Offered in a modern space grey, mesh fabric design, the Apple HomePod Speaker stands 6.8inch tall and weighs 2.5kg. The touch surface on the top of the Apple HomePod can be held to converse with Siri. Also present are the play, pause, skip, and volume functions. Sporting high processing power through the A8 chip, the speaker meshes the proprietary systems of Apple Music and Siri. While Apple Music provides almost any song you like, Siri picks it on voice command and plays it for you. You can simply listen to the songs or even tell Siri about your preference for a particular song. Through this, the HomePod learns about your musical taste and can suggest or even play them based on your approval. This smart system also tells you the latest news and reports. Connecting with your iPhone allows you to verbally set reminders and send messages. Additionally you can even make and receive hands-free calls.


Apple HomePod - Physical Features



Smart Speaker Apple


designed A8 Chip


High excursion Woofer


Seven Tweeters


Touch Surface

Apple HomePod


Producing a dynamic bass through the 20mm speaker is a high-excursion woofer and a custom amplifier. Seven beamforming tweeters, all having their own amplifier, transducer and precision acoustic horn spread the sound seamlessly across various directions of the room. Placing the speaker anywhere in the room is easy. It analyses the acoustics of its location and adjusts the ambient and direct sound accordingly.

Apple HomePod


Other iOS devices will instantly detect the speaker once plugged. Your preferences and playlists on the HomePod are synchronised with Apple Music, this makes it accessible on your other devices. Apple’s HomeKit platform lets you to connect any compatible smart home accessory with the system, allowing you to remotely voice-control it.

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