Promate Car Jump Starter Battery Pack, Heavy-Duty 900A/12V Battery Jump Starter with Super Bright LED Flashlight, 15000mAh Power Bank, Dual USB Port and Smart Clamp for Car, Bike, Smartphone, Tablet, ThunderBeam-15


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10 in stock

This powerful jump starter with in-built 15000mAh power bank is what you need for your car. With a peak current of 900A/12V, ThunderBeam-15 is powerful enough to jump start your cars and motorcycles. The jump starter boasts intelligent clamps which protect from current overflow and short circuit. ThunderBeam-15 is highly portable and can be used in any situation as it features powerful LED flashlight with battery status indicators.


Powerful Multi-Functional Spark for Your Vehicle:
This jump starter provides a powerful spark that is enough to start heavy-duty cars and motorcycles. It also gives you a multi-functional all-in-one package that provides you with a massive 15000mAh power bank, dual USB charging ports, bright LED flashlight and built-in smart safety protection.

Unique Protected Build:
Built to last, ThunderBeam-15 sports a compact and curvy build while maintaining a very strong and safe structure out of reinforced aluminum alloy that provides extra security for you and your car battery.

900 Amp / 12V Peak Current:
ThunderBeam-15 provides a high peak current at 900A/12V, making you feel at ease and giving you a very powerful spark in emergencies whenever you go for long-distance travel, camping and hiking.

Highly Secure Clamps:
Jump starting your car will be easy and secure thanks to the highly secure cable clamps that detachable from the jump starter and power bank. With clear positive and negative indicators on the clamps, jump-starting will be straight forward and easy.

Reverse Polarity Protection:
Connecting power with incorrect polarity is an easy mistake to make when dealing with car batteries. Fortunately, this jump starter comes with reverse polarity protection to keep any sparks from flying towards you.

Huge 15000mAh Power Bank:
Charge all your smartphones, tablets or any other USB powered devices. Promate’s ThunderBeam-15 features a massive 15000mAh power bank with dual USB ports for all your charging needs when you are on the go.

Dual USB Charging Ports:
Featuring two powerful USB charging ports alongside the massive 15000mAh power bank, this jump starter will be able to not only help start up your car, but it will also help keep your devices powered on in emergencies.

Super Bright 73 Lumens LED Flashlight:
Use the jump starter even in the darkest environment with ease as it features a super bright LED flashlight that boasts 73 lumens brightness, as well as an LED indicator that gives you information on the battery capacity.

SOS Signal Function:
This jump starter is a life-saving device that is useful in many other cases thanks to the built-in LED flashlight which has an SOS signal mode that flashes continuously to signal for help whenever you are stranded.

Smart LED Indicators:
Smart LED lights are designed into the body of the jump starter, indicating the battery level of the power bank.

Guaranteed Safety:
Safe and easy to use jump starter with complete peace of mind. Connect to any 12-volt automotive car battery to safely jump-start it back to life with our built-in advanced short circuit protection, as well as reverse polarity protection.

Short Circuit Protection:
ThunderBeam-15 protects you from the risk of fire or damage to your car battery by providing you with short circuit protection. This prevents excessive heat generation and preventing downtime and maintenance.

Compatible with all cars with 12V Battery: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, Toyota Corolla/Matrix, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Focus, Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Malibu, etc. and with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and other USB-charged devices.

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